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Creating gifts you can plant with MongoDB

Every year, we make a lot of swag. From shirts, to bottles, and more, we prioritize sustainability above all else. When MongoDB approached us regarding swag for the Grace Hopper conference, we wanted to not only create an item we’d be happy receiving, but one that gave back to the planet.

The Grace Hopper Conference is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists, hosted each year by the 2019 was MongoDB’s first year hosting the event, where they held onsite interviews, gave tips on progressing careers, and of course, handed out some great swag.

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Mongo DB seed kit with text saying own what you do

Grace Hopper Seed Wish Kit

With an emphasis on sustainability and growth. what’s better swag than something you can plant? Each packet was distributed to attendees with a leaf and real seeds that would germinate after several weeks. Recipients were instructed to write their goals on the leaf, plant it, and watch it grows as they worked toward their goal.

Not only was the leaf on brand for MongoDB, but it promoted a similar purpose to MongoDB’s HR efforts. Over the course of the event, the team of 7 women at MongoDB distributed hundreds of seed packets, inspiring personal growth for the attendees of the Grace Hopper conference.