Good swag that’s also
good for the planet

Let’s make swag that leaves a positive impact on your people and the planet. Whether it’s reusable, recycled, or cutting edge sustainable, we’re here to help you navigate the options.


Good swag that’s also
good for the planet

Let’s make swag that leaves a positive impact on your people and the planet. Whether it’s reusable, recycled, or cutting edge sustainable, we’re here to help you navigate the options.

The impact of using eco-friendly products

The most sustainable way to brand products is to give away fewer, but better items. Caring about sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes the most business sense.

People don’t keep the flimsy pens and cheap t-shirts whose production contribute most significantly to the environmental impact of our industry. By focusing on creating products people want to use and wear, we not only ensure that your investment pays dividends, but also that a product avoids the landfill, and its production impacts don’t go to waste. You can read about this further in our detailed blog post.

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Single-use plastics represent nearly half of all plastic garbage in the world. By replacing throwaway items, you can ensure that your item will get seen and used. Drinkware, bags, and lunch items are some of the best categories to invest in for swag that people want to use.

Think about this: every plastic water bottle you’ve ever consumed still exists… somewhere. Hopefully many have been recycled and turned into new material, but many are in landfills, some could even be in the sea. Around the globe, each minute over a million plastic bottles are consumed. In addition to the plastic waste, these disposable bottles require nearly 2,000 times the energy to produce compared to tap water – that’s a lot of waste.

Drinkware is a great category to invest to. Not only will your people love receiving the products, but they also will start making a positive impact on the first use. Highlighted below are some of our favorite products that reduce plastic usage and keep your brand front and center.

20oz MiiR Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Bottle

Why it’s great: Miir gives 3% of revenue to trackable giving projects.

Ready for more startling facts? Each year, over 4 trillion plastic bags are used, with less than one percent being recycled. We think re-usable bags are a great option. Not only do they mitigate plastic usage, they get reused and seen frequently, especially on trips to the store or to work.

Medium Tuck & Toss Tote

Why it’s great: A bag that folds into another bag? Heck yea! Perfectly portable, these 4CP Nylon Ripstop bags fold into a small pocket sewn inside, making it so easy to stow away when they’re not being used. When the bag is being carried, the pouch turns into a functioning pocket for even more storage.


Reusable Stainless Straw Set with Eco Tube

Why it’s great: Through a partnership with 1% For the Planet, one percent of sales of EcoSmart products will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

24oz W&P Porter Seal Tight Bowl

Why We Love It:
Crafted from durable borosilicate glass and wrapped in protective matte silicone, this eco-friendly alternative to plastic takeout containers is designed to encourage healthier everyday habits.

In our sustainability blog post, we highlight that most of a product’s environmental impact actually comes from the production and harvesting of raw materials. Whether it’s a field for cotton or petroleum manufacturing for polyester, tons of energy is used for the production of each product.

Enter recycled products, which require little to no additional environmental impact for the usage of their materials. Plus, they often prevent used goods from ending up in the landfill. You can look good (and feel good) when picking one of these products.

Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Sunglasses

Why it’s great: Made from SuperLight polycarbonate resin, which is created from scrap plastic that would otherwise end up in a USA landfill. With a variety of finishes and colorways to suite every occassion, the Dipsea is an updated take on a classic round shape.

Wearable items are amazingly popular and effective. However, the growing of cotton to produce them uses tons of water. These stylish and useful items utilize recycled materials or advanced techniques to wow your customers and minimize your footprint on the planet.

Eco Tees

Marine Layer Signature Crew

Why it’s great: MicroModal, found in Marine Layer’s signature fabric, is made from recycled beechwood. The pulp production is self-sufficient, which makes these tees sustainable, eco-friendly, and so so soft.


Alternative Apparel Champ Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt

Why it’s great: Made with organic & recycled materials. This champ reigns supreme in versatility and style. A fleece that can go anywhere-this relaxed, athletic style is a perfect match for whatever you bring to the ring.


UltraLight Rip-Stop Hoodie

Why it’s great: aparso’s core principles and materials are centered on sustainability, from design, sourcing, manufacturing to
packaging. They are committed to maintaining healthy minds through outdoor adventure. 1% of all revenue is donated to nonprofits and charitable causes supporting mental health.


Econscious Organic Beanie

Why it’s great: Every purchase supports environmental non-profit organizations

For 35 years, Patagonia has been a 1% for the Earth member and has utilized recycled materials in all products. Today, Patagonia restricts decorations on their products to ensure their goods get used for decades, rather than weeks.

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Marine Layer’s stylish tees and hoodies are all produced sustainably. Their ultra-soft re-spun tees are made entirely from recycled shirts, with no extra water used.

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Want to give an item that feels good and does good? These items can be used, and then planted when their product life is over. Instead of going to the landfill, these items grow into something new.

Partner brands that give back
We can all do something individually, but collectively we can impact even more change. Here are some of the many brands we’ve partnered with that actively give back and care about sustainability. Your swag can do even more when you start with one of their products.

Sunski is committed to making a positive impact on communities and the planet. Sunski gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to environmental nonprofits. They also believe there is an essential connection between good design and sustainability, and that good design makes for a better planet. As proud lifelong members of the 1% for the Planet, Sunski donates one percent of sales to environmental non-profits. They have donated over $150,000 to date.

At the heart of The North Face is a mission to inspire a global movement of outdoor exploration and conservation. They believe the success of their business is fundamentally linked to having a healthy planet. The North Face currently donates annually to The Conservation Alliance, The Access Fund and Leave No Trace.

As an outdoor company, Osprey’s roots are set deep in our wild lands. Our favorite places to hike, ski and climb are the very places that inspires Osprey to create their packs. Osprey is a proud supporting member of the Conservation Alliance. The Alliance is a is a group of outdoor industry companies that give back to the outdoors by disbursing its collective annual membership dues to grassroots conservation groups.

Every Corkcicle® purchase helps bring clean water to people in need through Corkcicle’s partnership with charity : water. By giving access to clean water, they are restoring health, providing new opportunities and creating change in developing countries.

Each Porter Bowl purchase supports food education in public schools through W&P’s partnership with Edible Schoolyard NYC with the goal to fully cover the annual expenses of an Edible Schoolyard NYC Network School.

MiiR is a design forward and generosity driven drinkware company with a social and environmental mission. A certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet member that is independently owned and operated, MiiR chooses people and planet over the demands of Wall Street. Based in Seattle, Washington, its Product to Project® model means every MiiR product sold helps fund trackable giving projects. MiiR partners with some of the most respected nonprofits in the world to create sustainable giving projects supporting clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities. The company has given over $1,000,000 and empowered the lives of 115,000+ people worldwide, and its customers are invited to experience the story behind their purchase by registering the Give Code™ found on the base of their MiiR product.

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