Manage and ship event swag with ease

Let us handle the logistics of your trade show or event gear, so you can focus on making it memorable.



Manage and ship event swag with ease
Let us handle the logistics of your trade show or event gear, so you can focus on making it memorable.


Do you ship a lot of stuff to a lot of places?

Stop worrying about how to get swag to your events on time and let us handle it. We’ll store your items in one our Kotis-run distribution centers and ship them out fast so they arrive when you need them. Plus, the warehouse integrates with our swag platform to give you real-time visibility of all your inventory.

smarter shipping icon

Smarter shipping

Super-fast shipping and the lowest costs in the industry (based on our proprietary rate shop algorithm)

Tracking visibility icon

Tracking visibility

Clearly see tracking when shipping to your event and returns to our warehouse.

Return labels provided icon

Return labels provided

We make it super easy to send back any items to our warehouse, and into your inventory.

Quick inventory check-in icon

Quick inventory check-in

Since our warehouse is made for swag, we check in items quickly so you have access to your product ASAP.


Twilio trade show booth

Trade show management

Get real-time access to your reusable trade show assets like displays, table throws, banners, and other collateral. Ship and return those assets with ease.

Twilio rep hosting their conference with custom designed banner and podium.

User conferences

Whether your gatherings are virtual or physical, coordinate the swag logistics and delivery with our online platform. Make sure your top users leave the event with some memorable merch.

Entertainment events

From music to sports, events have a massive amount of moving parts and logistics. We can help streamline the process by storing items until the show, reliably shipping everything on time, and managing inventory online to know what you have.

Everything you need to make your event shine and your booth stand out

From flags and banners to inflatables and games, we can help you choose what’s best for your event and design displays and collateral that communicate your message and brand clearly.

If your in-house design team is busy, we have incredible designers ready to translate your event theme into amazing displays and collateral. Think of us as an extension of your marketing team.

Booth in a box

Dealing with your booth (and “event booth” companies) can be a hassle. Let Kotis handle it all from creating a killer booth, to storing it in a protected box that’s ready to ship to and from your events.
Return labels can be sent with your booth for easy returns – all powered by our swag platform + integrated Kotis-run warehouse.


Make your giveaways count with unique items your end-users will cherish and keep. PRO TIP: Make it much easier to give out shirts via ranger rolls (basically a t-shirt burrito). We’ll even put a size sticker on it.

Event team apparel

Create cohesive gear for your team that makes them look good and helps your message and brand stand out. 

Print material

Every show needs some type of print collateral whether it’s a restock of business cards or a company pamphlet. Yes, we can help here too. 

Our dedicated swag experts will be there every step of the way

Logistics & accuracy

We’ll ensure packages deliver accurately, follow specific instructions, and arrive to specific locations on specific dates. That’s a lot of specifics, but that’s what we’re here for and our swag platform is designed for.

Stay organized with bundling items

When items arrive to your team on the ground, it matters how they’re packaged. Neat bags of 50 pens are much easier to handle than a box of loose ones. We’ll make sure items are bundled in a way that works best for your crew.

Make standout merch

Your dedicated Kotis team will help create great merch for your event. It’s not just about giving out as much low-cost stuff as possible, but instead crafting items your team, prospects, and fans actually want. We’d rather give out 10 awesome jackets to VIPs than 1000 cheap tchotchkes to any random passer-by.

Creative ways to leverage swag

Send a pre-show mailer offering swag as an incentive to visit your booth or a post-show gift to thank them for attending. Or let people choose an item they want via our online redemption portal. We’ll help you think of ways to use swag to make your event count.


Fast, flexible, and low-cost warehousing to power your events

We have two distribution centers in the best locations in the country for max coverage and speed. Your events and marketing teams will love how fast items arrive and how it makes their swag lives easier. These are Kotis-run facilities specifically made for merch, not outsourced 3PLs, so we have total control of orders, reducing cost and a focus on continually building for your needs.

Why customers love using Kotis for events

"A swag storage solution that is easy to use and provides amazing customer support makes my job sending to and from events so much easier. All the detail provided by the warehouse is amazing."

- Ragan P, Hearsay Systems

"The feature to have different "stores" for different departments or needs is helpful. In our organization, we need swag items for trade shows and for employees. We can make separate stores with inventory that is specific to each. This makes it easy for the team members who manage those areas to go in and see what product we have available."

- Kristen C, Egnyte

"So easy to work with and appreciate how helpful they are a ssisting with swag for conference attendees. Kotis is beyond helpful - I love working with them! "

- Lisa, Madrona Capital

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