Better Together

Let’s celebrate the diversity and culture of your people, no matter where they are. To help, we’ve curated kits, mocked up designs, and gathered swag ideas to help you send out the love and pride to your people.


Better Together

Let’s celebrate the diversity and culture of your people, no matter where they are. To help, we’ve curated kits, mocked up designs, and gathered swag ideas to help you send out the love and pride to your people.

Different circumstance, Same cause
This year is a little different. Instead of parades and events, people are apart and isolated. Yet the cause goes on in a new way, as it has for much of our work and personal lives. This year, perhaps more than any, it’s important to ensure that your employees, fans, and community feel seen and celebrated.

We’ve created several kit ideas for sending the pride out to your people. We hope, in some small way, we can help you keep spreading the word and the joy of pride.

Send out the love
No matter where your people are this year, we can help you make, kit, and send out pride packs with ease.

Design it
We want your pride gear to be items your people will wear and enjoy all year long. Which all starts with good design and product. Let’s do pride together.

Kit it
Thrill your folks with a kit designed just for pride. Get crazy with custom packaging or keep it basic with a kraft box. Either way our in-house warehouse crew will kit together what you need.

Send it
Whether you have one address or hundreds, we can send out your merch across the country (or globe). Our warehouse is still open and humming.

Pride kit concepts

Home Office Pride Kit
Spread joy to your remote workforce with a carefully crafted kit of items for their workplace. Check out their new t-shirt and mug on your next virtual meeting.

Virtual Pride Happy Hour Kit
Ready to celebrate after the 9-5? This colorful kit is ready to accompany your team’s next virtual happy hour event. Send fun, colorful cocktail recipes as a bonus.

Social Media Pride Kit
Let your employee’s pride run free with these items. Perfect for Instagram-able moments at home or on the go, these wearable items make for a perfect kit.

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Spread the Love Kits
Have a great story or message worth sharing? Let’s put together a kit full of custom items to spread the love and joy of the season. Add in extras such as pronoun pins to round out the positivity. While pride may only be for a month, your message can persist year-round with these items.

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Porch Parade Kit
Give your employees everything they need to celebrate safely and from a distance. Perfect for driveways, balconies, or sidewalks, you can throw your own parade for the neighborhood.

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iBuy Fundraising for Pride

Many LGBTQ+ organizations lean on pride parades and events for most of their year-round fundraising. This year, that is at risk, with many being canceled or moved online. We can’t think of a better way to raise fund through your company using our iBuy group order tool. Allow employees to buy shirts and other items. We’ll handle the payments, production, and shipping and you send the check to your favorite inclusive non-profit.

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Break Your Brand Guide

If there’s ever a time to break your brand guide, it’s pride. Embrace the bold, cheery nature of the rainbow and mash it up with your marks. If that’s too much for your brand team, there are still creative ways to use the rainbow in line with your rules. Our team of designers are happy to help navigate these ideas if you need the extra bandwidth.

Embrace the Rainbow
Ignore your guidelines and bring some pride to your logo. It was taking itself way too seriously anyway.

Tweak Your Design
While you’re at it, add those iconic colors creatively into your signature design or label.

Remix the Rainbow
Can’t depart from your brands guide? Incorporate the rainbow in unique ways elsewhere on your items.

Decoration Ideas
How you decorate your swag makes a big difference, and Pride can bring some new opportunities for doing so.

Rainbow Foil
Add a little more sparkle to your rainbow with foil. We do tons of gold and silver foil at our print shop, but when it comes to Pride, the special effects foil comes out. On this Deschutes shirt we used foil to highlight the saying “All for Beer, and Love for All” as the ombre flows through the text beautifully.

Custom Pockets
The rainbow is an amazing backdrop when using a black or white version of your logo, and maintains your brand guide… for the most part. We created custom pockets for Wealthfront and Affirm with different color pallets that fit each brand. Contrasting custom pockets are a great way to make a statement without a huge print.

Fully Custom
If you want even more opportunities to go crazy with your rainbow, consider creating custom items overseas. Lead times are longer, but the amount of customization is dreamy (not to mention the cost savings). We sourced these sunnies for Zillow to match their overall pride theme.

Wearable pride, all year round
Tees and tanks are great items – perfect for the warm month of June. However, their role during pride becomes even more important. Normally, pride themed tees serve as a uniform to wear to parades and company events. This year. pride shirts are a perfect way to stay connected to your fellow employees remotely.

Pride shirts make a difference throughout the year and serve as an important reminder of the support and celebration that your employees deserve. Our pride shirt from last year is a favorite of our employees. Most say they wear it on a weekly basis, throughout the year.

Custom Socks
We love how custom socks can be, and how extra colors don’t cost more…perfect for rainbow art.

Face Coverings
We’re in a different time this year with the CDC now recommending face coverings. Why not create a unique mask for your team while also making a statement for pride. Explore our mask options and check out the designs below. There’s more where that came from.

Classic Stripes

Diagonal Stripes

Solid Color


Bandanas/Neck Gaiters

Kotis Made Neck Gaiters

Kotis Made Neck Gaiters

Kotis Made Neck Gaiters



Four Peaks – Trucker Hat

Dad Hat

7 Panel Camper Hat

Fully Custom

Trucker Hat

Flat Bill Hat

Flat Bill Hat

Wealthfront – Hat

Pins & Buttons

Alaska Airlines – Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins

Zillow – Buttons

Kotis Design – Button Set

KraftHeinz – Stickers

Outreach – Stickers

OUTWOD – Stickers

Flat Bill Hat

A Decade of Pride

For a decade, we’ve been crafting powerful swag for Alaska’s pride events. Whether you’re in Honolulu or Boston, you’ll find their colorful items being worn year round.

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