Employee Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Show your gratitude with Employee Appreciation kits. A thoughtful gift can make a meaningful experience for everyone on your team.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Show your gratitude with Employee Appreciation kits. A thoughtful gift can make a meaningful experience for everyone on your team.

Kits in the wild

Cozy Movie Night Kit

Who doesn’t love a cozy night in? Gift your crew a fun movie night with their loved ones filled with cozy custom merch and a few tasty treats.

WFH Appreciation Kit

Unite your team even when miles apart through a strong company culture, technology, and custom swag that reflect your values and mission.

Office Essentials Kit

Ensure that your team has all the essentials for a productive workday, whether they are working under one roof, in a hybrid environment, or remotely.


Need it fast? As the name implies, pre-made kits are ready to go so you can deliver a gift even faster.

Under $50

Cheers To You Lush Spiced Wine Mix
Send a Cheers for all they do with this gift of Lush Spiced Wine Mix. It’s simple! Mix 1 bottle wine + Lush = a restaurant-quality wine cocktail.

$25 – $35

Family Taco Night Fiesta Gift Set
Work, Live, Fiesta! We all know a taco lover that will enjoy creating this fiesta of fun. A delicious experience gift that can be shared with family and friends.

$25 – $30

Cozy S’mores & Cocoa Gift Bag
New to our popular s’mores gift options, the 1927 Moose Tracks kit is a Chocolate Peanut Butter Lover’s Dream, and a great twist on a Summertime treat.

$25 – $40

What’s Pop’N Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set
The perfect set of flavors for your favorite flick!

$39 – $60

Striped Movie Snack Box
Treat your clients with this popcorn and candy movie pack! The pack comes with Twizzlers®, M&M’s®, SnoCaps®, and microwave popcorn.

$11 – $15

Black Marble Cheese Board Set with Knives
This chic cheese cutting board set is the perfect fit for any home.

$42 – $55

Moleskine® Coloring Kit
Observe, imagine, sketch and color your world with the Moleskine Coloring Kit.

$45 – $70

W&P Cocktail Canteen
The Cocktail Canteen is an insulated cocktail shaker filled with all of the tools you need to make great drinks anywhere, anytime.

$30 – $50

Samsonite Comfort Gift Set
Inflatable pillow and blanket set is perfect for those pesky red eyes!

$30 – $50

Under $100

Corkcicle® Sweet Re-Treat Gift Set
This sweet retreat gift will be both memorable and appreciated! Whether you prefer a bold coffee, cozy cocoa or relaxing chamomile tea, this mug ensures that your favorite hot beverage stays toasty for up to three hours.

$50 – $76

Brownie Points Gift Set
Earn Brownie Points for the most scrumptious DIY gift ever!

$75 – $110

Modern Sprout Growing Gourmet Gift Set
This collection of herb-inspired kitchen essentials is perfect for budding chefs looking to cultivate a countertop garden.

$70 – $110

Stagg [XF] Pour-Over Set
Stagg [XF] Dripper’s tall column gives you more room for the non-traditional “fill-up” method which combines the ease of immersion brewing and the great taste of the pour-over. Consistently and easily brew pour-over coffee every morning with a little less effort, but still a whole lot of flavor. Brews 1-2 cups (600ml/20oz).


Moment of Calm Gift Set
The R&R Sound Machine that offers 24 soothing and relaxing sounds brings a calming energy to your surroundings.

$75 – $120

MiiR Wide Mouth Bottle & Camp Cup Gift Set
This classy and high-quality gift set includes one 20 oz. MiiR Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Bottle and one 12 oz. MiiR Vacuum Insulated Camp Cup.

$65 – $100

$100 and up

W&P Porter Sustainable Impact Ceramic Bundle
All Porter essentials are infinitely reusable, so you’re just a dishwasher cycle away from saying peace to single-use plastics. Your Porter items can eliminate over 200 days worth of plastic takeout packaging each year.

$110 – $170

Mind, Body, and Flow Yoga Set
De-stress, recharge and flow with this yoga inspired gift set. A perfect gift set to help you focus on your personal well-being.

$130 – $200

Kitting add-ons

Crinkle paper - $2
Crinkle paper is a fun option to secure your products with over 20 colors to choose from (or mix n match colors for some extra brand pop!)

Hazmat or breakable - $2
If your kit includes a hazardous good or hazmat item and/or a breakable item like a glass bottle or ceramic mug, we give it some extra TLC to ensure we're following shipping requirements and preventing breakage.

Variable data - $2
If you’d like to match a specific name to each kit (e.g. each postcard is personalized or each address receives a specific person's kit), we can do so using variable data.

Custom sticker - $2
Bring some extra brand flair with a printed sticker added onto your box (circle or square shape).

Print on box - $5
If you don’t have time or the budget for a custom box, we can screen print up to 2 colors on the top of a stock white or kraft box (Check with your Account Manager for more info).

Handwritten note - $5
Get the ultimate personalization for your kit with a handwritten note created by an automated machine to ensure consistency. Max 50 words.

Roll / fold - $0.60
If you are adding apparel to your kit, it will require us to roll or fold the garment going inside. Not only does rolling or folding help with presentation but also to ensure everything fits properly.

Add size sticker - $0.20
For kits that have sized items, the sticker ensures we match up the right size to each recipient.

Ranger roll apparel - $0.85
Ranger rolling is a technique used in the military to neatly roll your shirt into a compact “burrito”. We highly recommend it for any t-shirts going into a kit.

Ask the right questions
Who is getting the kits? How many? What’s the timeline? Budget? All of this helps us pick relevant product and make suggestions on everything from packaging to personalization that fits your campaign.

What’s in your kit?
You clearly want cool gear for your kit, but when choosing your items, make sure to also consider some of the ramifications those items will have when it comes to kitting and shipping.

What are the items shipping in?
Get the recipients excited before they even see what’s inside. Think about packages you’ve received… what made them stand out? We can help you design one that does just that. The options are a plenty.

Ready to bring some appreciation to your employees?

Ready to bring some appreciation to your employees?