Unparalleled support
for your users

Your swag is better with good customer service.



Unparalleled support
for your users

Your swag is better with good customer service


We’re serious about customer service

Your clients are the reason you made the swag in the first place. If their experience falls
short, the whole process is hurt. Here are the many ways we make their lives easier.

Real humans

Your team needs someone to talk to. We have real people ready to answer their questions.

No outsourcing

Not only will there be a human, but we’re not outsourcing our customer team overseas and never will.

Insane response times

Many companies boast about responses within 24-48 hrs. We’re under 2 hours and we’ll keep bringing that down.

We handle the problem

Our team doesn’t hand off questions and instead finds the answer so you (our client) don’t have to be involved unless absolutely necessary.

Transparency in orders

We update the purchaser every step of the way – from order confirmation and shipping tracking to the status of resolving their issue.  

Fix failed deliveries

Any shipment that fails to deliver for whatever reason, we look to resolve the issue before you or your end-user reaches out to us.

Customs clearance

We set up international shipments with the highest chance of clearance. If there are issues, we help advise the user on what the carrier needs to clear customs.

Need by date order tracking

We track orders with need by dates to ensure they get prioritized. Nothing is more important than a need by date.

Our approach to customer service

End user customer service may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning out your swag campaigns, however it’s a critical step in the overall experience. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our process by analyzing the most common questions and making updates to our pages or platform based on what we find. All with the goal of supporting your users with easy customer service.

Empowering users: What your users can do on their own

Often times the best service is to let users quickly solve their own problem. Here are all the things they can do on their own.

  • Place orders
  • Cancel orders (including refunds for CC orders)
  • Decrease quantities (only non CC orders)
  • Change email
  • Change address
  • Change sizes
  • Track shipments
  • Create returns


Kotis recognized for Front’s Game Changer Award in top customer satisfaction scores

Kotis was recognized as a Game Changer Award winner by Front, our email/client contacting service provider. This annual award is given to a select number of Front customers who surpass the industry average for CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores.

CSAT average score
5-star ratings
1.5 hrs
Average response time


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