Go Crazy Custom
Imagine swag that’s super retail: completely custom items, colors, packaging…endless ways to make memorable merch for your tribe. A world of custom possibilities awaits. We can help you get there.


Go Crazy Custom
Imagine swag that’s super retail: completely custom items, colors, packaging…endless ways to make memorable merch for your tribe. A world of custom possibilities awaits. We can help you get there.

Why Import?

Built to spec
Details are important. We know the questions to ask to turn ideas into amazing products.

Built for your brand
We make items that reflect your unique brand by getting to know your company’s culture and the desired effect your swag brings to your market.

Savings built in
If all the customization wasn’t enough, overall value and savings are also a big win for producing product overseas.

Built to keep
You will thrill your tribe with cool custom pieces no one else has, making them an item to keep.

Custom Shirts

Custom Uniforms

Custom Figurines

+ More

Custom folding chairs
Build a fully customizable chair to provide lasting comfort and style for any outdoor activity. From beach chairs to zero gravity loungers, all with endless design opportunities, there’s a style for every occasion.

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How Sparkling Ice Revved Up Their Summer Swag

To thrill their fans, Sparkling Ice imports truly unique and custom swag. From pool floaties to pineapple sunglasses, these amazing items can’t be found in catalogs. Learn how Sparkling Ice works with our creative team to engineer new promotional products from scratch and the impact that imported swag has on their retail success.

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From Creative to Compliance,
we’ve got you covered

Product Engineering
Take your idea to the next level when using Kotis to engineer it for custom manufacturing

Factory Network
Long term partnerships with a large network of suppliers allows us flexibility to make your custom items amazing

Quality Control
We understand what it takes to make quality items done right

Freight Logistics
Ocean to Air shipments we have options with multiple carriers

Doing the right thing matters to us, at Kotis we take compliance seriously

How to plan for a fully custom project
Importing takes more time and planning, but leads to great products and savings. Here’s a way to work back from you in hands date to plan for when to start your project. These stages can take shorter or longer of course, but this gives a nice framework for how to work on a fully custom project.

1. Product Engineering

  • Knowledge of materials, decoration methods, and how manufacturing works to make amazing products

  • Our art team is amazing, use them for creative concepts and you will see!

  • We have CAD design for those three dimensional items

  • Often forgotten, we can design and make custom packaging to take your item to the next level

2. Factory Network

At Kotis our factories are our business partners and friends. We take time to get to know our contacts so that we work together closely to insure our projects are executed with precision. Many of our factories have been working with us of years valuing the partnership we have created together.

For items that are unique, we have direct sourcing at the Yiwu International Trade Market. This is the worlds largest wholesale market of small commodities carrying 410,000 kinds of consumer goods and 58,000 suppliers. For items where manufacturing specialties are in different countries we have networks to insure we are making items in the best place for maximum savings and highest quality.

Kotis also visits our factories annually and attends trade shows and sourcing fairs to insure we are cutting edge on all new styles and unique items offered. We have an experiences team executing on manufacturing and importing of goods from all over the world.

3. Quality Control

• Pre-production Sampling
We want to insure your products are just right, a pre-production sample allows you to see and touch the products you designed.

•3rd party Pre-shipment Inspections
Kotis utilizes a global third party inspection company to ensure quality of our products.

Kotis is dedicated to making amazing! Quality control is about choosing the correct suppliers, from the start we spend time getting to know our factories utilizing pre-sourcing questionnaires and open dialog to create open and transparent communication. Every order goes thru a pre-production sampling process, proceeding with mass production only when we perfected all aspects of the item. During the mass production process we follow it closely to insure we are available for our factories questions and/or comments on how production is going. Before final shipment we 3rd party audit with a pre-shipment inspection on the goods. Upon review and approval of the pre=shipment inspection we arrange transport based on the required need by the date.

4. Freight Logistics

  • “It’s all about the details”

  • Multiple options to ensure goods arrive

  • Dedicated experienced team for monitoring shipments

We have an experienced dedicated team to take care of all our important transit needs. We have a network of carrier option to insure we are getting the best transit option for your order.

5. Compliance
Compliance is a broad subject and is imperative when it comes to direct importing for your brand. It starts with our valued factory network and partnerships. Our team is able to visit and see our factories annually as well as 3rd party audit their locations We lab test our products, it is important to us they are safe and labeled appropriately for the end users.

Current lab testing on orders below but not limited to:

  • FDA testing a requirement when importing items that are in direct contact with food and drink

  • Prop 65 and other various states legislation on chemicals and proper labeling

  • CPSIA for children’s products that have a lower threshold for things like lead, phthalates, and cadmium and much more stringent labeling requirements

  • CSR – Corporation social responsibility is a popular acronym these days, we have a CSR team that meets quarterly to ensure we are not only compliant but responsible with the changing requirements and laws.