There’s a lot to love about Kotis!
Here are some top benefits.

There’s a lot to love about Kotis!
Here are some top benefits.

    Remote Culture

Remote is the Norm – When you work remotely at Kotis, you’re not an outsider, you’re actually part of the majority. Our employees have been remote since 2015, so we have this remote stuff figured out. We love remote work, and we are constantly brainstorming new ways to keep our people engaged virtually.

Video First – We’re passionate about face time. Your location will never be a barrier to meaningful interactions. We’ll give you all the tech and support to make it easy. Join the remote movement.

CEO Lunch – No matter where you live, you can enjoy some lunch with Jeff, our CEO and founder. Lunch is delivered to your remote workstation as you join Jeff and a small group of fellow Kotisians for insightful (and always entertaining) discussion.

Office Enhancement Stipend – Spruce up your office or make it even more ergo with a yearly stipend towards home office improvements.

Virtual Events – Beyond our department meetings, our employees can participate in other virtual events. Departments compete against each other playing Scattergories or Pictionary, answer unique questions in watercoolers, or even participate in chocolate tastings. We hold virtual yoga and mindfulness groups where anyone can join. And with the creation of our Employee Resource Groups, Kotisans can gather and discuss topics of a common interest.

  Physical & Mental Health

Wellness – Join in for remote workout sessions that happen daily (with branded gear available, of course).

Medical Benefits – We offer rich health benefits for all employees with options to fit your needs.

Family – We love families, even our four-legged family members. Period. We’ve all had that awkward moment when the cat jumps up onto the desk, or a child bangs into the office, or the dog starts warning us of the most terrifying monster (the Amazon delivery driver) during a meeting. We just smile, laugh and move on. Life happens and that’s okay.

Compassion – We offer paid FMLA and ADA leave, including maternity and paternity for our employees.

PTO – We offer generous Paid Time Off in addition to our culture of flexibility, so you’ll be well rested and relaxed to bring your best self to work.

STO – In addition to PTO, our employees working in-person around others accrue Sick Time Off for personal or family illnesses or doctor’s appointments.

    Culture of Flexibility

Flex Time – Go ahead, take a break to hit that workout class, the dog park, or to pick up your kids from school or practice. You have a life, and we want to flex around that. Take up to 2 hours during the day to do you and make up that time throughout the week. We’re not clock watchers – we trust you’ll get the work done.

Life/Work Balance – We believe in working hard but also being able to stop work and live your life. Which is why we focus on keeping your work to 40 hours per week. Don’t burn out – be present to do your best work.

Flexible Work State – Bask in the So-Cal sun or ski for the winter in Park City. Work while experiencing the wonder of several different states without taking time off.

Floating Holiday – In lieu of Christmas Eve as a companywide holiday, the floating holiday allows you the flexibility to observe a day that is meaningful to you.

    Kotisian Love

Sweet Swag – With supplier discounts, coveted holiday gifts, periodic swag kits, and shopping at our Kotisian store, you’ll feel spoiled with swag.

Supportive Leave – We pride ourselves on our supportive approach when the need for medical or family leave arises.

Diversity & Inclusion – We care about inclusion. Our D&I committee actively works together on equality, inclusion, and diversity initiatives. There is always more work to be done, and this is just one way we continue to fight for better.

Sustainability – We’re the leaders in our industry with green initiative. Join us in reducing waste and creating meaningful change with our sustainability goals.

401k + match – We encourage everyone to save for the future and we’ll help you get there by matching your contribution.


Relentlessly fighting for better

These are the values we live by. They shape our culture and drive our pursuit
to make amazing. Embody them and others will catch the Kotisian way. Swag on.

Fight for better graphic

We relentlessly fight for better. Over and over, with everything from incremental improvements to big leaps into new territory. It’s hard, scary, and hairy… and sometimes doesn’t work. That’s why it’s a fight. We dance with the challenge of it. When something feels too hard, we know we’re on the right path, since this is the work most aren’t willing to push through. Keep pushing.

Love what you do graphic.

“If we commit to loving what we do, we’re more likely to find engagement and satisfaction. And if what we do changes, we can choose to love that too.”
– Seth Godin

Always be candid graphic.

New ideas, feedback, struggles, and wins are all things that should be shared. Open honest communication is crucial to our success and our culture. Every Kotisian’s feedback is considered (and needed) in order to learn and improve. The more we communicate together the more we grow together.

Kotis Choose positive graphic.

We have a choice about how we communicate and interact with each other, and our choice is to do so in a positive way. We lead with kindness and set the tone by keeping the best intention at heart. Issues will happen, hard things will come up… we’re human. We take these as opportunities for growth and use them as stepping stones. There’s a reason smiles point up.

Kotis be a doer graphic.

“When we intentionally seek out the difficult tasks, we’re much more likely to actually create value.”
– Seth Godin

Kotis do the right thing graphic.

“Modern organizations are discovering that all of us know more than any of us, and that engaged individuals ready to not only speak up but to eagerly take responsibility for the work they do is an effective, resilient and equitable way to show up in the world.”
– Seth Godin

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