Your mascot
in the plush

Have a little fun with your brand. From slippers to stuffies, gifting a plush is sure to bring joy (and coziness).



Your Mascot
In the Plush

Have a little fun with your brand. From slippers to stuffies, gifting a plush is sure to bring joy (and coziness).

Gong's custom made mascot dog plush doll
Dog looking up at owner in moose plush slippers

Why go stuffed?

A custom plush can bring your brand to life! By combining comfort with function, you can create a fuzzy companion that will stick around for years to come and keep your brand front and center at home and the office.

Specs / Timeline
500 piece minimum
15 day sample time (+ transit time)
30 – 45 day production



The plushie that kicked off a Super Bowl commercial

Bruno was already a beloved mascot of Gong, so the obvious next step was to create a Bruno plushie complete with a printed bandana and twinkly plastic eyes (and nose). Little did we know, one lucky (plush) dog would end up in the big game broadcast itself!

Check out this plush dog we created for Gong that was featured in their 2021 Super Bowl commercial. Watch the ad>


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Velboa Plyester

This material is low-pile faux fur with a soft, plush texture.

See color options >

Velboa Polyester + Spandex

If you're looking for extra squishy vibes, this 95% poly 5% spandex does the trick. It's what you'd expect a pillowy plushie to feel like.

Faux Fur

Known as a pile fabric, its engineered to have the appearance of warmth and animal fur.

See color options >

Berber Fleece

Very lightweight, warm and soft with a brushed fluffed feel.

Rosebud Fleece

Amazingly soft, melt in your hand microfiber minky fabric with the look and texture of rosebuds.


A gently sanded finish makes this material feel smooth and luxurious.

PV Velvet

This material is characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut fibers that have a smooth na making it extra soft to the touch.

Perle Velvet

A soft but textured finish on a poly or poly blend with low nap.


Characteristically glossy, smooth and lustrous material.



Using different materials, we can create and shape you're looking for.

Woven Labels

Using different materials, we can create and shape you're looking for.


Give your brand a little dimension with debossing your mark or message.


A classic decoration method for everything from eyes and accents to your own logo mark.


Whether cut & sewn or printed, we use panels to create the look you want.


500 units is the minimum order quantity (MOQ). In some cases we can allow 300 units for a less than minimum charge.

Standard sizes are 29cm in length (Mens 11) , or 24cm in length (Womens 8), however we can customize to any size you need.

Yes, lab testing is performed for safety on plush toys and slippers.

Import and child specific labeling is required on plush items.

Why make merch that’s custom sourced?

Built from scratch
Embody your brand colors, mascot and mission with completely custom merch made just for you. Sky’s the limit.

Retail level design
With skilled fashion, industrial and graphic designers on hand. We’re ready to turn your ideas into amazing merch.

Big savings, low minimums
With our factory direct connections, you’ll get the benefit of big savings while also keeping the minimums low.

We’ll handle the logistics
Sourcing can be complicated, so leave the logistics to us. From compliance to QC, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to build your own plush?