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A Decade of Pride with Alaska Airlines

It’s no secret that we love partnering with companies that share our values. In an effort to promote inclusivity, diversity, and empowering their employees, Alaska Airlines has participated in dozens of pride events over the years. By creating truly unique swag for these events, we’ve created countless moments worth sharing.

From Honolulu to Portland to Boston, Alaska has floated in Pride parades. While these joyous events are a yearly highlight for employees and spectators alike, we’ve created several shirts, pins, and luggage tags that you’ll spot throughout the year. These carefully crafted items were produced in tandem with our expert design team and Alaska’s great vision.

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Large crowd posing for Alaska Airline pride event.
Alaska Airline LGBT community marching in pride parade.

If you aren’t lucky enough to snag a shirt in person at these events, fret not. Alaska sent these shirts to hundreds of employees and made them available at their retail store for purchase. Perfect for parades and virtual events alike, these items have sparked joy for over a decade.

Members pushing Alaska Airlines cart with free swag.
Participant holding two handfuls of custom printed lanyards.