Kits that engage

A well-planned kit will elevate the experience of getting swag and lead to real results. From product selection to packaging, our team of experts are here to help you craft a customized kit based on your needs.


Kits that engage

A well-planned kit will elevate the experience of getting swag and lead to real results. From product selection to packaging, our team of experts are here to help you craft a customized kit based on your needs.


A kit for every occasion

Kits are a versatile tool you need throughout your organization to bring change and real results.

Engage your people
Keep your culture top of mind no matter where your people are. Get them excited with new hire kits; keep them engaged with thoughtful anniversary and recognition gifts.

Show your appreciation
You work hard to gain new customers, make sure they’re taken care of with thoughtful kits. Easily distribute the kits using our our e-commerce software and warehouse.

Enhance your sales efforts
You’re already prospecting, complement those efforts by sending branded kits that reinforces your message.

New Hire Kits

Excite your newest team members with branded swag. We can deliver to their home address prior to their start date, or ship to an office location for their first day.

Sales enablement kit

To support the prospecting efforts of our sales team, we use our own platform to help keep the leads engaged – namely by sending them a swag kit via our redemption portal. In addition, the items were kit, packaged and sent at our own warehouse, which is specifically built to handle swag. Watch how the kit came to be.

Work from Home Kit

Remote work is the new norm. Keep your values top of mind with a kit that your people will enjoy and find useful.

Recognition Kit

Celebrate your people with more than words. A thoughtful kit
can go a long way to recognize and thank your people for all they do.

DialPad Anniversary Kit

Facebook Anniversary Kit

DigitalOcean Anniversary Kit

Partner Kits

Welcome new partners with an engaging kit full of collateral to kick off the partnership. We’ve kitted sales collateral to signage in partner kits.

New Business Kit

Target high-value accounts via direct mail with swag-as-a-step. We can even set up multi-touch campaigns, where a different kit hits your prospect’s desk every week.

Product Launch Kit

Alert key partners or customers on a new product launch with customized kits.

Holiday Kit

Bring some magic to your holiday gift with thoughtful items and packaging that say thanks in a tangible way. Or even give a few options for your people to choose from! Either way, start early and take advantage of importing completely custom items. Seriously, start right now. Happy Gifting.

Handwritten notes to enhance your swag kits

Add a personal touch to your gifting with a handwritten note. Simply type your message and we use special handwriting robots that put your words to paper with pen and ink. Just another benefit of having a vertically integrated warehouse connected to the Kotis swag platform. Our handwriting bots help simplify and scale your personalized outreach, creating extra connection with each kit.

Type your message…

and we’ll write it.

Then we’ll add the card to your kit.

Ask the right questions
Who is getting the kits? How many? What’s the timeline? Budget? All of this helps us pick relevant product and make suggestions on everything from packaging to personalization that fits your campaign.

What’s in your kit?
You clearly want cool gear for your kit, but when choosing your items, make sure to also consider some of the ramifications those items will have when it comes to kitting and shipping.

What are the items shipping in?
Get the recipients excited before they even see what’s inside. Think about packages you’ve received… what made them stand out? We can help you design one that does just that. The options are a plenty.

Kitting Pricing
These prices are for standalone projects and do not apply to items subject to a Program Agreement. Reference your Program Agreement for prices on sending items from your inventory.

Kitting Items

1 - 5 items $5
6 - 10 items $7.50

$1 off if ordering a custom box
$1.50 off if checking into inventory
*Includes kitting, tissue, and box (kraft)


Mailer $10
Box: (under 1 lb) $10
Box: (1-5 lbs) $15

*Standard ground shipping, domestic only

Kitting Add Ons

Crinkle Paper $2
Hazmat or breakable $2
Variable data $2
Custom sticker (standard shapes) $2
Print on box (up to 2 colors) $5
Handwritten note $5
Add size sticker (for kits w/ apparel) $0.20
Roll / fold $0.60
Ranger roll apparel $0.85
Kitting Add Ons

Crinkle paper - $2
Crinkle paper is a fun option to secure your products with over 20 colors to choose from (or mix n match colors for some extra brand pop!)

Hazmat or breakable - $2
If your kit includes a hazardous good or hazmat item and/or a breakable item like a glass bottle or ceramic mug, we give it some extra TLC to ensure we're following shipping requirements and preventing breakage.

Variable data - $2
If you’d like to match a specific name to each kit (e.g. each postcard is personalized or each address receives a specific person's kit), we can do so using variable data.

Custom sticker - $2
Bring some extra brand flair with a printed sticker added onto your box (circle or square shape).

Print on box - $5
If you don’t have time or the budget for a custom box, we can screen print up to 2 colors on the top of a stock white or kraft box.

Handwritten note - $5
Get the ultimate personalization for your kit with a handwritten note created by an automated machine to ensure consistency. Max 50 words.

Roll / fold - $0.60
If you are adding apparel to your kit, it will require us to roll or fold the garment going inside. Not only does rolling or folding help with presentation but also to ensure everything fits properly...

Add size sticker - $0.20
For kits that have sized items, the sticker ensures we match up the right size to each recipient.

Ranger roll apparel - $0.85
Ranger rolling is a technique used in the military to neatly roll your shirt into a compact “burrito”. We highly recommend it for any t-shirts going into a kit.

Add Crinkle Paper
Pick from over a dozen crinkle colors to make even your filler be on brand…or mix a couple colors for extra pizazz. Since we do all of this in-house your custom options are a plenty.

Let’s Kit It

Ready to start building your kit?