Remote Culture

Remote is the Norm – When you work remotely at Kotis, not only are you NOT an outsider, you are part of the majority. We love remote work and we are constantly brainstorming new ways to keep our employees engaged virtually.

Video First – We are passionate about face time and your location will never be a barrier to meaningful interactions. We’ll give you all the tech and support to make it easy. Join the remote movement.

CEO Lunch – No matter where you live, have lunch with Jeff, our CEO and founder. Lunch is delivered to your remote workstation as you join Jeff and a small group of Kotisians for insightful and always entertaining discussion. Have your finger on the pulse of the organization as often as monthly.

Physical & Mental Health

Wellness –Daily remote group workout with branded gear provided.

Medical Benefits – Rich health benefits for all employees with ease and options.

Dogs – We love dogs. Period. No matter where you work you must bring your pup.

 Culture of Flexibility

Flexi Time – Go ahead, take a break and hit that workout class. Or the dog park. Or to pick your kids up. You have a life and we want to flex around that. Take up to 2 hours during the day to do you, and make up that time throughout the week. We’re not clock watchers, we trust you’ll get the work done.

Life/Work Balance – We believe in working hard but also being able to stop work and live your life. Which is why we focus on keeping your work to 40 hours max per week. Don’t burn out; be present to do your best work.

Flexible Work State – Bask in the So Cal sun, or ski for the winter in Park City. Work while experiencing the wonder of several different states without having to take time off.

PTO – With generous time off in addition to our culture of flexibility, you’ll be rested and relaxed in order to bring your best self.

   Kotisian Love

Sweet Swag – Supplier discounts, branded merch on the reg, coveted holiday gifts, and shopping at our rad Kotisian store…you’ll feel spoiled with swag.

Supportive Leave – We pride ourselves on our supportive approach when the need for medical or family leave arises.

Diversity & Inclusion – We care about inclusion. Our committee actively works together on equality, inclusion, and diversity initiatives. There is always more work to be done, and this is a big way we can continue to fight for better.

Sustainability – We are leaders in our industry with green initiatives. Join us in reducing waste and creating meaningful change with our sustainability goals.

401k + match – We encourage everyone to save for the future. We also help you get there with matching.

Our Values
These are the values we live by. They shape our culture and drive our pursuit
to make amazing. Embody them and others will catch the Kotisian way. Swag on.

Ready to become a Kotisian?