Kotis recognized for Front’s Game Changer Award in top customer satisfaction scores

Jake Bjorkgren   |    January 29, 2024

Kotis was recently recognized as a 2024 Game Changer Award winner by Front, our email/client contacting service provider. This annual award is given to a select number of Front customers who surpass the industry average for CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores. To give some context on how awesome this award is, 100 users are chosen out of more than 8,500 total Front customers, which puts Kotis in the top 99% when it comes to Customer Satisfaction.

To REALLY give this some perspective, in 2023:

  • The Kotis Customer Service team held 54,273 conversations with customers/end-users in Front
  • Average response rate across all conversations was 1.5 hours
  • Kotis had a 94.7% CSAT average score, with 90% of those giving Kotis a 5-star rating
  • Out of 658 survey responses, 596 (90.6%) of customers/end-users gave Kotis a 5-star rating for their customer service

Pretty awesome, huh? Even better, check out some recent comments regarding the our Customer Service:

  • “Great communication, wonderful help in this current situation.  I feel so so valued as a customer!”
  • “Super grateful for the thoughtful and quick responses!”
  • “Your customer service is awesome. I received responses in a timely manner and my situation has be fully resolved. Thank you!”

As you can tell, this is an incredible award to win for 2024 and truly shows the passion and dedication our CS team brings to our customers and end-users on a daily basis.

P.S. Here’s a great article outlining the Game Changer Award and what it truly stands for.