Comfy, quality workwear for those that care

Comfort for movement and long shifts is key for your staff to be successful and stay focused on their patients. Durable fabrics that can withstand thorough cleaning while also providing a canvas for your brand to be easily identified makes for a perfect uniform combo.


Benefits of uniforming with Kotis

Our Kotis swag platform makes it easy to manage all your uniform inventory in one place and ship it out fast via our vertically integrated warehouses. Our pro design team (including fashion and industrial designers) is ready to translate your ideas into a sweet line of work wear, while our Kotis Custom team can pull off the logistics of sourcing it overseas.
All while you keep focusing on clients and building your service.

Create custom scrubs just for you

Customize your scrub to your exact needs and brand. That’s the benefit of sourcing your uniform with Kotis Custom. Pick your color, add specific pockets, zippers, tool holders, etc. Make it fit the needs of your crew and your facility all while still keeping it stylish.


Why uniform with Kotis?

When it comes to uniforming your people, there’s a lot to consider – function, comfort, style, branding, warehousing, sending. Wether you’re starting from the ground up or improving your current process, here are ways Kotis can help up your uniform game:

Store and send with ease

Store your uniform in our dedicated warehouses (not your swag closet), and send it anywhere in the world with ease and super-fast shipping.

Centralized ordering

Eliminate brand inconsistency and ordering silos when connecting your various teams into one, convenient platform to manage your merch.

Designers at your fingertips

Leverage our team of graphic and fashion designers to create amazing uniforms for your crew.

Reports & dashboards

Discover robust and transparent reporting, from inventory tracking to low stock alerts and more, all from our Kotis swag platform.

Ready for some custom uniforms?