Kotis Design Named Market Leader in G2’s Fall Promotional Product Management Tool Report
September 17, 2021


The results are in! For the fourth consecutive quarter, Kotis Design’s Swag Platform has been ranked #1 on G2’s list of Promotional Product Management Tools By combining truly unique swag, our world-class, in-house print shops, and a leading software solution, Kotis Design has created the most compelling offering for promotional products.

Overall grid for Promotional Product Management tools

As our industry continues to grow (annual spend in branded merchandise has increased by ~5%/year to over $25B), Kotis has continued to invest in our products, processes, and people to create the best solution for our clients.

With an increased focus on technology and services, Kotis now manages the promotional products for thousands of companies, from startups to Fortune 500s.

The Promotional Product Management category has become increasingly competitive as more brands turn to swag as a leading marketing and sales tool. Kotis is the only provider in our space that is listed as a leader for small business, mid-market, and large enterprises. In fact, our technology services rank highest in the following categories among top performers:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Ease of administration
  • Ease of doing business with
  • Quality support
  • Easiest to setup

Market grid for small businesses in Promotional Product Management

A Big Thank You to Our Customers
“The work that our customers have put in this past year as they’ve pivoted from in-office and in-person events has been amazing and inspiring,” said VP of Sales, Eric Hamlin. “We’re incredibly grateful that we were able to play a small part in making that transition as smooth as possible for our customers, their customers, and their people. Making swag that surprises and delights has always been core to what we do, and seeing how much a thoughtfully designed and delivered swag package, delivered straight to their front door, can make people happy has helped all of us at Kotis get through 2020.”

“The highly professional service from the staff at Kotis Design makes this resource one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Their comprehensive catalog of promotional materials, combined with the attention to detail and hands-on service, are second to none. Their processes are easy, streamlined, and smooth, and we have had no problems whatsoever in finding the right products, customizing them, and receiving them. Working with Kotis Design is a dream. Highly recommended.”
-Gary B.

“Having one company that can manufacture, warehouse, and run our ecommerce has been a huge benefit. Previously, I was working with over 20 vendors, running the web-store, and shipping orders myself. This has taken a lot of the ground work out, so I can focus on strategy and planning. I also value their ability to talk directly with the manufacturer, which they have relationships with–this helps guarantee quality and timelines.”
– Emily C.

About Kotis Design
We’re an industry-leading swag provider and a technology partner that offers a scalable eCommerce platform to help brands create, sell, and ship swag all around the world. From HR teams to sales and marketing sequences, we help integrate and distribute swag within your workflow. We make swag that people actually want to wear and use. Leverage our award-winning product design with a robust warehousing and fulfillment solution. Our two, US-based facilities combined with a network of overseas factories can send merch around the world. Well-timed branded merchandise can double or triple your opportunity value. Our Salesforce and Shopify integrations allow you to send merch when it makes sense, utilizing our warehouse and fulfillment teams. No need for a swag closet! Let’s build great merch, together.