We believe in the power of swag – and the responsibility to make that swag better. It takes more work, but it’s worth it. Explore what we’re doing and what’s to come.
Fight for Better.

We believe in the power of swag – and the responsibility to make that swag better. It takes more work, but it’s worth it. Explore what we’re doing and what’s to come.
Fight for Better

Our path to sustainable screenprinting

Water Reduction
When cleaning screens, we use an EcoRinse machine which reduces water consumption by applying the precise amount of water needed. The water is then filtered and recirculated as much as possible
Energy Savings
Thousands of bulbs have been upgraded to LEDs throughout all our facilities (155,000 sq ft). Even our direct to screen machine uses onboard UV LED exposure to lower energy usage for every screen we make.
Green Printing
No specific ink is the silver bullet in terms of sustainability, therefore we focus on the handling inks for reducing our impact. We use green ink detergents, degreasers, and press wash. The less chemicals the better.

What’s Next
We’re working on steps to become a Sustainable Green Printing certified print facility, something we’re stoked about.

Packaging that takes care of your items and the environment

More Recycling, Less Waste
We’re improving how we fulfill and ship your orders with packaging that’s 100% biodegradable or recyclable. From tape with plant based adhesive, to reusable and biodegradable mailers, we’re looking at all aspects of our warehouse operation to use better materials.
What’s Next
• Donating used shipping boxes
• Packaging guidelines to reduce extra waste

A culture that benefits our people and the planet

The people we work with become family, with a set of values that we all stand for. Our first value is to fight for better and the final one is to do the right thing. Those bookend values drive much of what we do and how we’ve built our culture. We give people flexibility in how they do their job, so work can flex around their life, instead of the other way around. We have a Diversity & Inclusion committee to spread the awareness and love throughout the company. We care about sustainability in the swag we make and the buildings we occupy. We believe in the cause of each of our clients and support them spread the word with the merch we make.

Reduced carbon emissions by Kotisians working remotely (which is now over half of us).
Motion light sensors and LEDs have been installed to reduce energy usage (even on the cafe lights )
Compost + recycling bins are throughout the office (along with bins labeled “LANDFILL” so it’s clear where things are going).
What’s Next
• Employee Sustainable guide to help our people make change
• Plant a tree option instead of an employee gift

Consider the whole supply chain

In order to make great swag, we have to work with great people, factories and suppliers. With having our own importing team, we have the opportunity to get deeper into the supply chain to check on compliance and code of conduct.

of our Top 50 products are produced with vendors who have signed our Code of Conduct
of our importing factories have been audited
What’s Next
• Majority of our business coming from our top CR Partner Vendors
• 95% of our importing factories being audited

Partner brands that give back
We can all do something individually, but collectively we can impact even more change. Here are some of the many brands we’ve partnered with that actively give back and care about sustainability. Your swag can do even more when you start with one of their products.

Miir supports local causes and projects. Eachitem has a code so you can track your impact.

Patagonia utilizes recycled material in all their products, and restricts decoration to extent it’s life.

All of Marine Layer’s tees and hoodies are sustainably produced. Their re-spun tees are made entirely of recycled shirts.

Klean Kanteen is a B Corp and member of 1% for the Earth.

Sunski is a carbon neutral company that uses recycled materials, no plastic in shipping, and has a lifetime warrenty.

Every Corkcicle purchase helps bring clean water to people in need through Corkcicle’s partnership with charity : water.

Soapbox donates bar soaps and contributes to health and hygiene initiatives in communities, both domestically and abroad.

Each Porter Bowl purchase supports food education in public schools through W&P’s partnership with Edible Schoolyard NYC.

Rumpl is committed to sourcing environmentally responsible materials, offsetting their carbon footprint and environmental advocacy.