Break Your Brand Guide for Great Pride Gear

We’re all about brand guides, but if there’s one time to bend the rules, it’s pride. Embrace the bold, cheery nature of the rainbow and mash it up with your marks. If that’s too much for your brand team, there are still creative ways to use the rainbow in line with your rules. Our team of designers are happy to help navigate these ideas if you need the extra bandwidth.

Not only is the gear fun and creative, it supports your efforts to expand inclusion and celebrate diversity (which is part of our underlying mission: to further your cause). We’re honored to be a part of the LGBTQ movement via the merch we make.

We’ve compiled projects that span the spectrum of brand compliance so you can see new ways to think of pride gear and decoration possibilities. Many of which come from our in-house print shop, which allows us to keep testing new print methods and tricks. Who’s ready for some rainbows?

Tweak Your Logo

Add some rainbow mods to your logo for a bold statement of support. Elysian took their well known Dayglow Tiger and transformed the laser eyes into glowing rainbow rays. Brilliant. Four Peaks Brewing used their AZ state mark and filled it with a diagonal stripe rainbow in 2 different ways, one for a bright cheery vibe, the other for a bit more mood.

Elysian – Sueded Tee – Screenprinting

Four Peaks – Stickers CMYK

Four Peaks – Mesh Cap
Screen printed transfer

Remix the Rainbow

If you don’t have the luxury of departing from your brand guide, then get creative with how to render the rainbow. Google took a large scale brush stroke approach while Facebook went for an icon look to their rainbow. Zillow used a clean stripe design at the baseline of their brand which was carried through multiple pieces in different ways (see the sunnies below). The sky is the limit, literally.

Google Pride Tee

Facebook Pride Tee

Zillow Group Pride Tee


Custom Rainbow Pockets

The rainbow is an amazing backdrop when using a black or white version of your logo, and maintains your brand guide… for the most part. We created custom pockets for Wealthfront and Affirm with different color pallets that fit each brand. Wealthfront went with a slightly pastel vibe to flow with their colors, while Affirm has a more primary combo. Contrasting custom pockets are a great way to make a statement without a huge print.

Affirm – Custom Pocket Tee

Wealthfront – District Tee – Custom Pocket


Special Effects Foil

Add a little more sparkle to your rainbow with foil. We do tons of gold and silver foil, but when it comes to Pride, the special effects foil comes out. On this Deschutes shirt we used foil to highlight the saying “All for Beer, and Love for All” as the ombre flows through the text beautifully.

Rainbow Foil – Deschutes – TriBlend Tee

Import Your Rainbow

If you want even more opportunities to go crazy with your rainbow, consider creating custom items overseas. The lead times are longer, but the amount of customization is dreamy (not to mention the cost savings). We sourced these rainbow sunnies for Zillow as part of their overall pride merch that gets sent out to 8 different offices, from June to October. All the merch is stored in a Kotis warehouse for easy ordering whenever the pride gear is needed. Especially when the sun is out.

Zillow Pride Imported Sunglasses

Make Change

Never lose sight of what Pride is all about. Zillow leveraged their market leader status to champion change within their own field, namely equal housing. Kotis helped them design and source 13,000 buttons along with a backer card to add extra messaging to the piece.

Retro, wearable… and #BetterTogether

What about our own Kotis Pride gear? We designed a throwback rainbow with a faded print to make it more wearable all year long. More wearing = more eyeballs seeing the message. We dropped the white base on the black shirts for a muted look that’s super soft. More importantly, the shirts were connected with a “Better Together” campaign from our Diversity & Inclusion committe that included donating to LGBTQ focused non-profits. Here’s how one Kotisian reacted (doesn’t get much better than that)

Jacquelyn H
“Got my Kotis #bettertogether Pride tank today!! Love it!!! As part of a rainbow family, this campaign has truly meant the world to me. Thank you everyone for showing up for your fellow LGBTQ peeps at Kotis and for supporting so many amazing organizations out there working so hard to ensure the LGBTQ community has more and more resources every day to thrive and feel loved and supported.” #loveislove

Accessories to Beat the Heat

Pride parades can get hot. Support your crew in a practical way with fans, sweatbands and bandanas.


Sweatbands – Zillow

Bandana – Elysian Brewing

Rainbow Ready Products

Check out the Kotis Picks for rainbow ready items. If you’re short on time, these can fill your rainbow void nicely.