Tuck & Toss


Each one of the Small Tuck & Toss bags keeps 4.58 plastic bottles out of the landfill, the Medium saves 7.39 bottles, and the Large saves 11.71 plastic bottles from the landfill. A bag that folds into another bag? Heck yea! Perfectly portable, these 4CP Nylon Ripstop bags fold into a small pocket sewn inside, making it so easy to stow away when they’re not being used! When the bag is being carried, the pouch turns into a functioning pocket for even more storage. They’re fully printable edge-to-edge and, yes, we can even print on the small pocket sewn inside! Giveaways, kits, online stores, self promo; with this much customization, there is no limit to how the Tuck & Toss can be used!

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