An Upcycled Story; Bringing New Life to a Logo’d Backpack via Velcro

Nic Thomassen    |    April 20, 2023

When one of our clients was acquired, all their branded inventory stored in our warehouse suddenly became obsolete. Whenever this happens, we work through what can be recycled or donated to divert as much as possible from landfill. However, if a client wants to keep the expired brand from getting out there, the landfill can be an unfortunate side effect. That’s where upcycling and some creative brand cover ups can come into play. This can take some unique problem solving and decoration know-how, which is where our pro design team and years of running an in-house print shop come in handy, and created our upcycled backpack.

Enter the logo’d Timbuk2 backpack… and a large logo at that, about 4.5”wide. The pack was the highest ticket item in the lot. We first sewed on a black strip of velcro to cover the existing embroidery. Then we designed and produced two patches with velcro backing to adhere to the bag.

Why velcro? The new branded decoration is now removable to future proof this piece of merch from other forms of irrelevancy, whether it be acquisitions, mergers, or brand redesigns.

Why 2 patches? We wanted to give our crew options on how to style their backpack. Plus, one patch is reflective for those adventuring in the darker hours.

The second life
What was the second life of the upcycled backpack you ask? It was given as a Kotis employee appreciation gift to our entire warehouse and print shop crew. And if any of them end up finding a new gig one day, the Kotis patch can simply be peeled off to give the bag even more lifespan.

If you have any items that are in need of upcycling, recycling or donating, reach out and we’ll be happy to brainstorm options.

Let’s do sustainable swag together.