The Backstory

Five months ago we were at the tail end of a large evaluation of our sales technology partners, and had decided to switch our Account Executive team over to Outreach. During that process I had the privilege of meeting Mark Kosoglow, their VP of Sales.

As Mark and I discussed some of the finer points of his software and how it could best support our business, it sparked an idea. Could swag-as-a-step work in a sequence?

More specifically, would incorporating swag at the top of the sales funnel provide measurable lift in response rate, booked meetings (and ultimately landed deals)?

Our team firmly believed that sending swag had resulted in more conversations (and ultimately more deals) for our company.  We’d set up dozens of programs for clients that gave their sales team access to branded company swag, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

But we didn’t have any hard data to point to. Of course people love free stuff! Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail? But were our clients getting a return on their investment?

Enter the PhDs

Mark suggested getting his Data Scientists involved to run a statistically significant experiment. We settled on a list of 1,000 prospects, and broke the list into two randomized sets of 500. Outreach then designed a 10-step sequence that was identical for both sets of prospects, with only one difference: one set received a kit of branded swag as the first step.

Boom. Experiment designed.

The Kit

Our team of swag experts here at Kotis then designed a kit that was on brand and on message. Learn more about our kitting here.

You built a product to bring the world 10 years into the future. Why are you selling it with software from 10 years in the past?

The idea was to juxtapose new tech (the Qi wireless charger) with old tech (the flip-phone stress toy), along with two messaging cards. We then nested the items sequentially, with the complete kit telling a mini-marketing story.

And we were off!

The Results

The Kotis warehouse team prepped and shipped the kits without breaking a sweat. The SDR team at Outreach executed the campaign flawlessly.

And I held my breath.

What if we didn’t see a lift? Did we just doom a booming part of our business?

Spoiler Alert: I probably wouldn’t be posting to our blog if that were true 🙂

We saw an amazing lift in:

  • The number of responses (26% increase)
  • The number of booked meetings (3x)
  • The number of Sales Accepted Leads (252%)

The ultimate takeaway?


Outreach saw a 2.42x increase in opportunity value, per prospect

So, I ask again. Does sending swag to prospects actually work?

The data says yes.


Interested in seeing Kotis and Outreach break down the experiment and results in a webinar? Here’s a link to the video on Sales Hacker.

Looking to incorporate swag into your outbounding process? We’d be happy to help!