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Shaped Custom Face Mask
This soft cotton/poly mask is breathable, washable, and has a built in filter pocket. It’s designed for max comfort and fit with add on options for adjustable ear loops and nose band. The all over print will give you a fully custom look that’s built for your brand (and budget).

• NOT medical grade
• One size fits most (Youth + XL available) dimensions
• Fabric: 100% cotton inside, 100% polyester outside
• Filter Pocket included
• Soft elastic ear loops (available in different colors)
• Adjustable straps or slides +$0.20
• Adjustable nose band +$0.10
• Tearaway label

See the FAQ

100 $5.50
200 $5.00
500 $4.75
1,000 $4.50
2,000 $3.00
5,000 $2.70
10,000 $2.50
25,000 $2.30
75,000 $2.20

Blank masks: $0.20 less
3-ply is $0.20 extra, 4-ply is $0.40 more

20-25 days turn around
With ocean shipping (40-50 days)
25,000 – $1.80     75,000 – $1.90

We’ve got you covered, the whole way
From making the mask to kitting and sending it out to your people, we’re here for you.

Design (free)
Our team of pro designers is ready to mockup your mask with style.
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The mask is custom made for you with all over printing.

Individually kit 1-5 masks into a specially designed box (with a message card if you like).
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Send out your items with ease to individual locations or a central spot (or even into inventory if you have a Kotis online store).
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Your face is greeted with super softcotton on the inside that helps absorb droplets. The outside is polyester for afull color digital print.

The mask is your blank canvas to designfull color, edge to edge graphics. Or let us do so. Our team of pro designers is ready to mockup your mask with style – for free.

Ear Loops
Made from a soft elastic, the ear loops have a nice stretch for better fit. Worried about sizing? Add adjustable straps or slides for $0.20.

Add Your Own Style


Send it in Style
To simplify sending out your masks, we designed a custom mailer and box specifically sized for masks, which also keeps the shipping costs and overall waste down. They fit 1-5 masks and are kit by our in-house team, so add in a postcard while you’re at it.


Custom Mailer – 7 x 9
A 100% recycled kraft mailer that expands to fit up to 5 masks. 1 color, all over print for larger quantities.

Custom Box – 5 x 7 x 1
A front tuck shipping box complete with dust flaps to protect your masks. Showcase your brand/message with all over, full color printing.

Individually Wrapped
Each mask is individually cello wrapped for cleanliness and easy handling.

Kit your mask with more health items
Curate a kit to keep your people healthy and cared for. Add sanitizer, thermometers or even custom boxes. We can help you design it and kit it with our in-house team of pros. We got this.

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Properly Wearing a Face Mask

1. Pull the earloop with both hands.
2. Place the earloops behind the ears and adjust the slide.
3. Adjust to fit over the nose and mouth.

Do’s and Don’ts of Face Coverings


 Make sure you can breathe through it
 Wear it whenever going out in public
 Make sure it covers your nose + mouth
 Wash after using


 Use for children under two years old
 Use surgical masks or other PPE intended for healthcare workers


The ear loop slide or strap allows you to adjust the overall mask for different size faces and fit. This can avoid the need to consider multiple sizes for your mask. The slides are $0.20 extra per mask.

The sewn in nose band allows you to form the mask over your nose for a more fitted feel.

The minimum is 100 masks, see the grid above for pricing and quantity breaks.

Yes, you can machine wash on cold and dry in dryer or hang dry.

When you need a break from the mask straps behind your ears these allow you to attach the straps to a notched plastic piece that wraps around the back of your head and holds the straps away from your ears.

Glasses fog up when hot air escapes at the top of your mask. A snug fit around the nose will help reduce the amount of air escaping. An adjustable nose pieces can also help or even using the nose pinch on your glasses to keep the fabric down.

Still fogging? A simple home remedy is washing your glasses with soap and water. This allows the water molecules from your breath to distribute evenly, rather than cluster on your lens in a way that creates fog.

To take it a step further, try an anti-fog spray.

Ready to start your mask?