Upgrade your swag with sewn on labels

Custom labels are a great add on to give your apparel a private label vibe. Add a label where you want!



Take your apparel to the next level

We’ve built a complete cut & sew operation at our print shop, allowing quicker turns and lower minimums. Let’s design your next truly custom project.

Put a pocket on it
Any pattern, any design, any color.
The possibilities are endless.

Why Add a Woven Label?

Be Retail-esque
Adding a label brings up the perceived value of your piece and gives your swag a more retail vibe.

One Label, Many Items
Labels can be placed in a myriad of locations to best suit your specific item. And best of all they can be used on different items to unify your line.

Good Value
The beauty of labels is that they don’t cost a whole lot, yet still provide a subtle but powerful brand pop.

Label Types

Loop Label
This style loops around an edge of the garment, making it easier to see both sides of the label.

End Fold
Provides a more polished look where the ends won’t curl over time.

Straight Cut
Often used for size and care instructions inside the neck, or for pops of branding on the outside of the garment.

Die Cut
Allows you to create a unique label shape that matches your brand or design aesthetic.

Mitre Fold
Used to create a loop in the label, often for sizing or private labeling inside the neck.

Common Label Locations

Ready to add labels to your next project?