iBuy: The easy platform for pre-orders

Simplify group orders and fundraising by letting your people pick items and sizes online. After everyone pre-orders, we produce and ship the items. Relax and let iBuy do the work.



iBuy: the easy platform for pre orders

Simplify group orders and fundraising by letting your people pick items and sizes online. After everyone pre-orders, we produce and ship the items. Relax and let iBuy do the work.

Group ordering without the risk (or inventory)


No Stock Needed
Start selling now without any commitments or inventory. No need to guess on quantity or sizing, just let the people order, and we’ll produce exactly that.


Free, No Risk
Not sure what merch will hit? Test your ideas and see what sticks. Choose the selling price and keep all the profits that come in.


Super Fast Setup
The iBuy is light and ready to roll. It really doesn’t get any easier to start selling merch online. In a rush? We can often setup your iBuy the same day, it’s that easy.


Shipping Flexibility
Since Kotis fulfills the items in-house, shipping options abound. Bulk ship to one location or let individuals enter where they want it sent (or even offer both).

Fundraise Away
Your goal is to raise money for your cause, not risk being stuck with unsold merch. Focus on your campaign and iBuy will take care of the rest.

Efficient Uniforming
Offer more choice in your uniforming with less inventory risk. Your employees can order exactly what they need (and want).

Get Gear to Your Fans
Your biggest fans want merch, but you’re not sure what will sell. Test your ideas in a free, no risk way. Then double down on what hits.

The more people buy
the lower the price

Bring some excitement to your pre-orders. Activate the free price drop feature and watch as everyone’s price drops the more people buy. If you launch an item that sells well, everyone saves.

Easy as…


1. Design your Merch
Pick the items and graphics you want to use. Our pro design team is here to help.


2. Build your Campaign
Set an end date for your pre-order, then start sharing the link and spreading the word.


Users Order Online
Your people pick the items and sizes they want and enter a shipping address. We handle all the payments and logistics.


Orders Made & Fulfilled
We make & deliver your items. You and your team = Happy. If questions arise, our customer service team is ready to jump in.

Customized uniforms,
easy logistics

UW Medicine wanted to outfit their staff with fresh merch, but without the hassles of inventory or a swag closet. They also wanted a way to have individual names and credentials embroidered on the apparel. Enter the iBuy platform and our in-house print shop. We now do quarterly iBuys to get the team geared up. The apparel can be worn with the scrubs… now that’s a nice upgrade.

Bag & Tag
UW also needed an easy way to hand out the swag. Each item was bagged with the individual’s name and size. Just trying to make your work life a little easier.

Virtual event, real shirts

Heartland Alliance held their first ever virtual town hall this year. Staff and volunteers all over the Chicago area attended the virtual meeting while wearing their appreciation shirts.

Before the event the iBuy was used to collect sizes. Our in-house shop then printed and sent out individually packed shirts for easy distribution. It let the event team focus on throwing an incredible virtual event without getting bogged down in the details.

Ready for a full e-commerce solution?

The iBuy page is just the tip of our e-commerce iceberg. We’ve created a single platform to store, manage and send your swag. We handle everything from designing the product to fulfillment and customer service, so you don’t have to.

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First, tell your account manager you’d like to use iBuy. Then work with us to finalize the art and which items you want to offer. Your iBuy can then be activated and sent out to your people.

Your account manager will activate your iBuy, and you’ll get an email with a link to the signup page. Forward this email to anyone you want to be able to sign up so that they can see the items.

Your account manager will assign a link that relates to your order, which will be on our site: www.kotisibuy.com/your-text-here. As for how long people have to sign up, this is up to you. Usually we give people 3-7 days, but can change this to more or less depending on your schedule. Keep in mind that the longer the signups are open, the later the delivery will be.

On the previous page, you’ll find all the information relevant to your iBuy: the address to purchase the items, the signup deadline, and a link to view who’s signed up for items.

If it’s a regular iBuy with each person using their own credit card, then it’s charged upon check out. If it’s a Price Drop iBuy, credit cards are not processed until the iBuy has closed.

How the items are delivered is up to you. We can ship you a box with all the items in it, or we can do the fulfillment for you. Make sure to tell us before the iBuy opens if you want us to do the fulfillment, so we can collect shipping addresses.

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