We are excited to announce that we are launching a new Warehouse Management System over Labor Day Weekend. We have been working on this system for nearly a year and over the coming months it will give us the ability to add a lot of cool new features that many of you have been asking about.

This project included a total overhaul of our back end systems to manage orders and the pick/pack/ship process. The only place that you will notice a difference is in the admin area where you access inventory management and reports. Any consumer portals where end users place orders and buy items will not change as a result of this project. Those stores will remain online and consumers should not notice any downtime.

In the immediate term — what it means for you is:

  • Starting Friday afternoon 8/31, our WMS system will go down for maintenance – you will not be able to place new orders via inventory management
  • Everything will be back up within the new platform before Tuesday morning 9/4. (Note: Monday 9/3 is Labor Day and Kotis will be closed)
  • The new system will have all the same functionality as before — with a more modern look

Current View:

View After Launch:

We hope that the new platform will be intuitive for anyone that has used our existing system, as it acts very similar to before. This first stage of the project was simply to port the existing functionality onto better infrastructure. The second stage will be to start building out new features like the following:

  • Low stock notifications when inventory falls below a specific threshold
  • More extensive API – inventory levels, order status, tracking information, etc.
  • Support for bigger images
  • Better reporting – download as CSV, custom fields, and ability to see more detail
  • Create orders in advance that need to be shipped on a specific day
  • Flexibility on sizes that don’t fit into a standard Small-through-2XL scale
  • Full responsiveness for mobile and tablets
  • And much more – the above items are simply examples of many things we are already working on — stay tuned!

Current Reports View:

Reports View After Launch:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your sales team. Otherwise, we look forward to you seeing the new system after the launch!