Top 5 B2B Gift Giving Tips 

It’s the end of August, and Starbucks has already released their #PSL a.k.a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yes, we live in a world where coffee drinks set the seasons. 

But! PSL season reminds us that fall is here, and before we know it, we’ll be eating turkey, spending time with friends and family – and reflecting back on the year. For those of you that already incorporate gift giving into your marketing (gold star), here’s a handy list of best practices. For those of you that don’t, well there’s no time to start planning like the present! 

1.  Be true to the spirit of giving thanks
  • The goal of a gift is to thank the person for their business or for being part of the team, not to gain more business. Be authentic in the messaging, and send it out with no strings attached. 


2.  Tailor the gift to your audience, your brand, and your culture
  • Not all gifts are equal, some are more relevant than others. If your audience is developers, super soft hoodies will be a bigger hit than a golf polo, like this hoodie from our friends at Marine Layer:
    Marine Layer Hoodie
    Marine Layer Afternoon Hoodie
  • Get creative! From the product itself, to the messaging or packaging, there are all sorts of ways to infuse your culture into the gift to make it more memorable. 


3.  Set a budget
  • And don’t go too cheap. There’s plenty of research out there that investing in customer retention is much cheaper than acquisition. The same is true for employees. Think of your holiday gift as an investment in customer/employee loyalty. 
  • If you work with larger organizations, do some research into their gifting limits. Some companies have thresholds on the value of gifts that they can receive. 


4.  Theme the gift
  • Kitting together multiple items along a theme is a great way to delight your audience. It also allows you to develop great packaging, which can be leveraged into more on-brand messaging, like these hang-tags and custom cards.
5.  Plan ahead
  • Waiting until the last minute to send gifts can spell disaster. Remember the 5 Ps of planning, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. Plus, with enough time you can elevate your gift giving with factory direct, custom gifts – like these comfy plush slippers.
    If you’re in the market for amazing holiday gift ideas check out our idea guide for completely custom items. Ready to get started? Click here. What are YOUR favorite tips for business-to-business gift giving? Drop a comment below!